Polly Morton

Polly passed away in Concord, NH, at age 99, on May 8, 2008. Obituary here.

(The following short autobiography was written by Polly Morton when she first started writing for "Rye Reflections" in the summer of 2005.)

A piece of land for $1 provides N.H. address and 60 years of Rye enjoyment

I was born in the City of Presidents (Quincy, Massachusetts) on November 25, 1908.  After high school I planned to attend a two-year school and train to be a kindergarten teacher.  My father had other ideas and thought a four-year college would be a wiser choice.  I protested.  He insisted.  I consented.  A call was made to the University of New Hampshire, but the out-of-state student quota was full. That didnít deter my father.  He called a farmer friend in New Hampshire and for $1.00 purchased some land.  I had a N.H. address.  I applied and was accepted.

A sorority sister invited me to spend a weekend in Concord.  There I met my future husband.  I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1931.  When I married in 1936 I moved to Concord.  We had one daughter, Ellen Morton Hamil.  

I have enjoyed over 60 years of summers on the Rye coast.  On August 11, 1945, we bought a house on Concord Point, along with my husbandís sister and husband.  Each couple put up $1700.  The woman who owned it had a higher offer but wanted to meet us.  We looked like nice families and certainly the children would enjoy the seaside.  It was ours.

Iím still living in Concord, N.H. and spend a couple of weeks each summer in Rye with my daughter and her husband.