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Rye Reflections

Published by the SilverSurfers of Rye, N.H. on the first Thursday of each month

July 7, 2005

Watercolor by J. R. Hamil of Overland Park, Kansas


Polly's Porch
How a summer visit turned into 60 years of enchantment

....Polly Morton

Manny's Big Day
A quiet day on a lily pad winds up in front of a gasping gathering

....Hank McFarland

The Hungry Horse Cafe serves up more than coffee
The ancient Greeks would have envied such an oracle

....Juliette Zivic

Consumer Alert: On 'phishing'
Be aware of fraudulent attempts to steal money from you

....Harold Moldoff

The idea of trip to a remote lake creates unease
The first part of a series on fishing trip in Kennebago Lake region

....Martin G. Zivic

Cable came ashore 131 years ago this month in Rye
Two-way messaging whisked way through 2 1/2-inch 'wire rope'--but wasn't a first

....Jack Driscoll

On the loose in the Big Apple
How a simple plan for the day morphed into a 'situation'.

....Ann Cullen

Rye Crisp On the rise...going cruising...getting out...healing...and joining in

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