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Volunteers organize after Rye survey defines senior needs
What is Senior SERVE and what does it offer?
Margaret Carroll

First N.H.New Regiment camps out at Manchester School
Enjoying my brief career as a field-trip chaperone
Earl Rinker

Polly's Porch
How a summer visit turned into years of enchantment
Polly Morton

Manny's Big Day
A quiet day on a lily pad winds up in front of a gasping gathering
Hank McFarland

A 50-year Rye vacationer reflects on sand, sunset and sanitation
Four generations of a family have flourished in a little cottage not far from the beach
Gail Beamer

Idea of fishing trip to remote lake causes unease
Good enough for Eisenhower and Hoover? Must be good enough for us--or is it?
Martin Zivic

The Hungry Horse Cafe
The ancient Greeks would have envied such an oracle
Juliette Zivic

Watson's World
This month I introduce Gundo, a wonderful dog. I tell you about "Tough love" and we have our first vocabulary lesson. I love to hear from my friends and their people. Please write to me at Watson's World

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