Hank McFarland

From fateful double date to auto dealership to bringing up family...

Perhaps the most exciting thing about growing up in my home town of Concord, New Hampshire, was moving out of it. We teens used to complain that they rolled up the sidewalks at 8 p.m.

Of course it was there that I accidentally met my bride and partner of almost fifty years. I say accidentally, because we met on a double date, and we were dating the other halves of the quartet.

Anyway, it was love on second sight. Second, because we met again when I was a student at Middlebury College, and I luckily developed pneumonia. By a stroke of good fortune, my nurse turned out to be that very same double date person, and this time things clicked.

We moved to Rye right after I graduated from college.  

Before graduating from Middlebury my career goal was teaching. After a few months of graduate school I began to have doubts if it was the right choice for me.

Lightning struck again! An opportunity to enter the automobile business presented itself.

A local auto personality approached my dad and me with an offer to participate in a Ford dealership. I took all the cash I had available at the time, $1600, and jumped in.

I have never regretted it. The car business involves nurturing relationships, relationships with customers and relationships with employees. It is very satisfying to see young employees take root, grow, and blossom, and old customers return again and again.

Fifty years have passed since getting in to the automobile business. Fifty years of selling cars, bringing up children, and getting to know and love grandchildren.

I have traveled roads that I never could have imagined. And the journey is not over yet.

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