Bill Veazey

From upkeep of 200-year-old home to housing/land use activism to warm winter climes

My wife, Julie, and I lived in the Parsonage [1805] on Olde Parish Road in Rye for eight years until 2004. Our time there was memorable as we transitioned from the work-a-day world into an active retirement lifestyle. A great deal of time and effort was spent updating the infrastructure of the historic home as well as the landscape and gardens.   

We moved to a new house in Dover for five years, and then decided to small down in 2009 to a condo in downtown Portsmouth. “Variety is the Spice of Life” is the adage we seem to live by. Winters will continue to find us in South Pasadena, Florida, or Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

I grew up in Rutherford, New Jersey; attended Oberlin College for two years and then the University of New Hampshire, to graduate with a Civil Engineering degree in 1956. My occupations have been structural engineering with Jackson and Moreland in Boston, acoustical engineering and sales with Eckel Industries in Cambridge, Mass., SVA Associates in Ashland, Mass.; NEVA Associates in Hudson, N.H.; and Control Resources Inc. of Littleton, Mass..  

In 1982 we founded Hudson Children's Center in Hudson, Mass., and it continues as a successful business today.

Interest in land use, senior housing and societal situations remain at the center of my retirement interests. I assisted in founding Rye Senior SERVE, Inc. and participated as the Chairman of the Rye Land Use Committee for several years. Previously I was Treasurer of SENH - Habitat for Humanity, Treasurer of The Rockingham Condo Assn, Board of Directors, Meadowood Homeowner’s Assn, Dover; presently President of Market Wharf II Condo Association and Director of Control Resources, Inc.

Articles and writings by Bill Veazey

The Rye Reflections archive has a link to all articles via Google; however, I thought it might be more convenient for readers to access specific articles if my writings were organized by subject and could be retrieved by a simple link. Just click on the blue titles below for any one you wish to read. Since there were concentrations on certain subjects, I have attempted to lump them accordingly.

In 2005, our grandson, Kyle Herman, was in the military, and my thoughts about him developed into my very first article for Rye Reflections, and then another a few months later.

  Memorial Day, June, 2005
  Nine Apples; a letter to Kyle, December, 2005
  Pearl Harbor Day, 2006, 65 years
  Pearl Harbor Day, 2008

Writing on a regular basis was something new for me. I found inspiration in the old copper wash tub at our lake house, where we store newspapers for starting fires in the early spring and fall. It was fascinating to look back at old news; not so different from current news.

  Meaningful News
  The Beat Goes On, Adequate Education
  Looking Back to 1998

I had arrived at RR by way of a Rye Housing Committee formed in 2002, which subsequently, became part of Senior SERVE. After getting the hang of writing for RR, I thought that it might provide a great opportunity to spread the word about the need, and desirability of senior housing in Rye. In September of 2005 I pushed for acceptance of the zoning amendment that would allow clustered senior housing in town. Numerous articles relating to seniors and senior housing evolved over the years.

Housing for Seniors:
  Senior Housing, Zoning amendment to allow RCDs
  We need our seniors here!
  Senior Housing Choices
  Home Sweet Home

Continuing Care:
  Webster at Rye   
Workforce Housing:
  Primer on Workforce Housing
Affordable Housing:
  Waste Not, Tax Less    

My daughter, Lynn Veazey Rockwell, wrote two articles.

Lynn's contributions:
  Starr Island Retreat
  Lexi; a robot friend for seniors?

Articles reporting on travel ventures were popular in RR, so I contributed a few about trips we had taken.

  Windsurfing Excursion in the Dominican Republic
  Getting to know St. Petersburg
  Birthday in Arizona
  The Other Halfs Go South
  DeSoto State Park

The Rye Public Safety Building (RPSB)was the subject-du-jour in the winter of 2006, and it caused me to think more about public policies and taxation. The first article of this nature appeared in March of 2006 and others followed regarding both local and national subjects.

  Other People's Money
  On Volunteering
  Seacoast Metropolitan Planning Organization

  The $847,000 Question, -A Sniff Test
  The $847,000 View
  Portsmouth Middle School

  Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
  The Little Engine That Could
  Taxes by the Dozens
  The Stimulus
  Deficit in the Real World (contains link to Social Security website)
  The Milking Machine

Poetry is a great way to express one's feelings, and fortunately, two of our grandchildren and my wife, Julie, chimed in to allow RR to publish some of their work. I'm pleased to include them here along with mine.

-- by grandson Brian William James Cicero:
  The Lake House
  The Final Cruise

-- by granddaughter Talia Alexenberg, a gifted artist and poet:
  A Thanksgiving Day Prayer
  Listen and Watch

-- by Julie Bigg Veazey, poet and author:
  Winter Walk
  Fourth of July

-- and yours truly:
  Giving Thanks
  A Parent's Dilema
  The Move
  The River
  Face Stories

Over the past five years alternative energy has been a hot topic, along with other subjects of national interest.

  Alternative Energy; BioOil
  How Fuelish Are We?
  Commuting On The Wind
  Riddles: Cap and Trade
  This Senior's Moment
  On Responsible Leadership
  The Pre-Game Show
  The Balancing Act
  We the People
  What Needs To Change

  Un-ring A Bell
  Generational Reflections
  Fable of Contents
  Global Warming
  This Changing World
  Summer News, 2007
  Changes in Rye

  Arizona Iced Tea

Other subjects:
  ADA; A Renewed Appreciation   
  Christmas Past

My closing article for this addendum, fittingly, is a piece I wrote in June, 2007, for our second anniversary issue. It says a lot about our group and our process.  

  Happy Second Birthday, Rye Reflections

It's been a grand ride. Farewell, and fare well!       


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