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June 2, 2005

A New Dawn in Rye

Juliette Zivic Photo

WITH DAWN'S RISING OVER RYE HARBOR comes a new citizen venture. Find out more about this publication and its creators in the WHO WE ARE section. Read about Mimi White's laurels while enjoying work by local writers in the POETRY section. Meditate on the meaning of Memorial Day in the OPINION section. Explore the photos and stories throughout; give us your feedback; likes, dislikes, and suggestions as Rye Reflections attempts to mirror the interests of those who experience that special feeling at sunrise and sunset.

New Rye online publication hits the street
Grassroots group takes plunge into the new world of Citizen Journalism

Town Museum presents exhibit on the 'good old days'
Summering in Rye--Over a century by the sea

....Margaret Carroll

No calm after storms
Parts of Florida have yet to recover from four hurricanes in 2004

....Hank McFarland

Reflections of when my hair was black and stood straight up...
No day at the beach as new challenge turned things upside down

....Bob Dunn

Rye Police put brakes on those coming & going
New equipment, new emphasis slows drivers, has ripple effect

....Jack Driscoll

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