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September 1, 2005

Photo by Gail Beamer, Rye Reflections

As the sun sets on another Summer season shown from behind the Isles of Shoals, Rye Reflections looks back on its first three months of publication that have been marked a series called Polly's Porch, that continues this month; Watson's World, that has given insight into man's best friend and his friends, and lots more. The Shoals, the sea and the shore are dominant themes in this issue and will continue to be in subsequent editions as we continue our reflections and stimulate your reflections, which, we hope, you will wish to share with other Rye readers.

No fish biting, but we get caught off Isles of Shoals
Visions of Davy Jones' Locker as storm pummels charter boat

....Ellen Hamil

In tribute to a true gentleman
Frederick H. Walter: November 24, 1917 to August 19, 2005

....Ann Cullen

First day of school conjures up a rainbow of thoughts
Energy, excitement, anticipation as new Junior High year kicks off

....Margaret Carroll

Without an automobile, there's hardly any way out
Transportation alternatives are limited for senior citizens and handicapped persons

....Jack Driscoll

In Bavaria: Day at the dentist ends with a drilling
Infection possibility, language barrier create anxiety-plus

....Juliette Zivic

Polly's Porch III: From Concord to Concord Point
Saleswoman charms children in prelude to acquiring Concord Point house in 1945

....Polly Morton

Instructions for Assembling Your Kite
Be sure you have all your parts before you commence

....Hank McFarland

Rye Crisp On erosion...cable map...deer...used cell phones...senior storytelling...

Consumer Alert On spreading 'Nigerian", advance fee solicitation scams ...

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