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November 3, 2005

Photo by Jack Driscoll, Rye Reflections

Plow blade provides backdrop to one of Rye's smallest and oldest private cemeteries, identified as belonging to the Rand family, on the corner of Grove and Washington Roads, just above the entry to the Recycling Center

Family cemeteries are sprinkled throughout Rye
Tallman spent years documenting and preserving private plots

....Margaret Carroll

Area students learn to receive through giving in Bolivia
40 teens and adults extend decade-long commitment by helping build school

....Ben Grannan

Polly's Porch: When lobster was 29 cents a pound
Quite a change since the days water was delivered by fire trucks and pumped into cisterns

....Polly Morton

Five years in CIA: Ordered to pack bag during Cuba crisis
Advice from 'mother hen' may have averted being killed in car-bomb explosion in Saigon

....Ellen Hamil

Initials carved in door in '44 lost to N.H. hotel renovations
End of IMF and the beginning of regular business for the newly re-opened White Mountains' hotel

....Bob Dunn

More frights than delights found in trip to Florence
Two weeks in the Tuscan capital uncovers some flaws

....Juliette Zivic

Thanksgiving Morning griddle cakes are ready to flip
Recipe for annual holiday breakfast treat at the Dunn household

....Marion Dunn

Rye Crisp Deaconess named senior housing developer; Webster at Rye to join in

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