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December 1, 2005

Emphasizing the non-denominational theme of lighting the way, Rye Reflections extends best wishes for the season to its readers by presenting this reprint of a 1996 painting by Navajo artist R. C. Gorman, who died last month. Called "Luminarias", it became a greeting card that Gorman sent to 1200 of his family and friends. Among them was the Hamils of Taos and Rye (see remembrance story below). Richard Newlin was masterprinter for the original.

With no senior housing at this time, Rye studies options
NEWS ANALYSIS: Among proposals are RCD zoning concept, village near Route 1

....Martin Zivic

Festival of Trees...A gift for the Seacoast
A delight for all, biennial event doubles in entries

....Juliette Zivic

Young Rye resident finds peace among ruins in Liberia
Mercy Ships crew member spends time in school, two orphanages

....Lani Fortier

Death of Navajo artist R. C. Gorman triggers memories
He collected art, built photo gallery, entertained celebrities -- and neighbors

....Ellen Hamil

Quebec offers inexpensive skiing, spectacular sights
Toboggan ride on the chutes in front of the Frontenac is 'a blast'

....Bob Dunn

Polly's porch was in earshot of Clark Clifford family's picnics
Wentworth, Ocean Wave were the 'in' places for all ages 50 years ago

....Polly Morton

A child wonders: Just how does Santa get around
From age 4 to 6 answer fluctuates, but one thing is constant: Old St. Nick makes it

....Juliette Zivic

Rye Crisp On rare-bird sighting...inoculation drill...natural-disaster plan...dual art exhibits

Consumer Alert On how to handle unsolicited mail, telemarketing, email

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