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January 5, 2006

Photo by Bob La Flamme, Rye Reflections

Memorable moments marked the year 2005. One occurred just before dark after the December 9 snowfall as a fire-like sky burst through on the horizon looking south across the marsh opposite Wallis Sands State Beach. That afternoon the snow had accumulated in a hurry: about 8 inches worth. What will happen in 2006? Bring it on.

Down to the wire in Rye for two senior-housing concepts
Separate zoning plans call for clusters in one case, overlay district in the other

....Jack Driscoll

Ways to beat the big cost of a day's skiing or sliding
Number of conglomerates in past 10 years changes the price picture

....Bob Dunn

Mystery of Ethiopia unfolds, revealing proud, poor people
Weapons, cows are most valued in country that dates back to beginning of civilization

....Gary Holmes

Rye Public Library can count on its 'Friends'
Discussion groups, cultural events, classes, socials, art exhibits, youth activities--and more

....Earl Rinker

Unfinished lighthouse whose work is finished
Tower was used in World War II to watch out for surface ships, not U-boats

....Bob La Flamme

It's fifteen minutes to sunshine
This is the way it was in the days when stewardesses had to be single

....Marion Dunn

Sarasota's Season of Sculpture worth a second look
Florida community, known for cultural life, now has 26 original works in park

....Hank McFarland

Viva Las Vegas--in December
Avoid the crowds, visit Vegas during holiday season; don't miss Bellagio

....Ellen Hamil

Windsurfing excursion 18 years ago turns into home for winter

....Bill Veazey

Polly's Porch: What Portsmouth was like in the Fifties
Narrow streets...litter in abundance...buses crowded...sailors everywhere

....Polly Morton

Rye Crisp: Whether shopping or sightseeing, it's a trip for senior citizens

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