Bob La Flamme

After working in L.A. and gaining exposure to script writing, he returns to town of his dreams

Bob La Flamme

Bob La Flamme was born in 1950 and raised in Athol, Massachusetts.  Until retirement, his career was that of a corporate accountant, largely in the Los Angeles area.  His parents introduced him to the Rye coast as a child, and he has always maintained his love for this area.  Bob has also had a passion for writing over the many years and has sold many freelance articles and photographs as well as contributed to news publications in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

While in Los Angeles, through his early television script submissions, he caught the eye of an assistant producer at Warner Bros. Studio, in Burbank, Calif.  Although nothing came of this venture, he did gain valuable knowledge on the subject, spent time on the back lot, given scripts to study, guidance, VIP passes to observe the tapings of the old "Alice" TV show, and meeting lunches at the commissary with the Assistant Producer.

His script writing also enabled him to meet two writing inspirations of his-- Bob Carroll Jr. and Madlyn Davis, the former head writers for the old "I Love Lucy" TV show of the 1950s, as they were the Executive Producers of "Alice."

In addition, Bob wrote and produced a free cancer support video in 1993, "Where Do I Go From Here," for which he obtained permission from Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters and A&M Records to use the Carpenters song of the same title, on the video.

He has raised his daughter alone since the passing of his wife from cancer in 1992 when his daughter, Sarah, was 4.  In April of 2005, he moved from his longtime home in Goffstown, N.H., to Rye near Wallis Sands Beach to live his lifelong dream here.

January 5, 2006