Fiber Art Exhibit at the Rye Public Library

Judy Underwood

On display until the end of June

Window on Celia's Garden by Claire Russo

Visit the downstairs meeting room at the Rye Public Library and see the fiber art exhibit which will be on display until the end of June.  There are colorful quilts, creative wall hangings, an afghan and other knitted pieces.  With 22 artists displaying their works, there is an enjoyable variety of styles and materials.  Some of the works are represented here.

Glitz, Glam, Gigawatt by Patricia Spiller

Pinwheel by Monica/Diane

Nantucket-Style Basket by H. Donald Spalding

Baby Sweater by Jean Leopold

Veggies & Lemons by Jodi Adams

Quilt by Sylvia McKenney

Falling Leaves by Carolyn Schreck

Trinity Church, York Harbor by Nancy Morgan

Beginning in July, there will be an exhibition of "Art of the Young People of Rye".  Applications are available at the Rye Public Library.

June, 2006