Jayne de Constant

A loyal vacationer for 40-plus years becomes permanent

I am not a native of Rye, but, from the age of three, I have spent summers at North Beach, at Hampton Beach and, since 1965, at Rye Beach with my family.  Since I am well along in years, this time does add up.  Now I am about to become a year-round resident of North Hampton, not a vacationer.  This is a delightful prospect.

My professional life has been directed towards children.  I have been a teacher of the very young for many years and have learned much from them.  Perhaps they have picked up some useful facts from me.  Now I have retired after 17 years as Director of a corporate daycare center.

My interests have been directed toward books, theater, sniffing salt air, volunteering at my local hospital, walking the beach, making new and keeping old friends and obeying the wishes of my kitty cat, Owen Meany.

I look forward to joining the Rye Reflections group.

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