Letters to the Editor

On remembering Prof. Don Murray, adventures high in the Andes, ideas for the old police station, poetry and more...

On A fond remembrance of Prof. Don Murray

I just finished reading your story of Don Murray.  It’ll be the first of many times I will read it.  He’s still teaching.  Thanks.

Natalie Thomson, Melrose, Mass.

On Machu Picchu: A ceremonial site, not a city, experts say

I was part of the group shown in Judy Underwood’s photos.  Being there, I can only applaud her wonderful and very accurate descriptions of the trip.  I knew she was an excellent photographer, but didn’t know she was also an excellent writer.

KUDOS to Judy!

Carol Field, Palo Alto, Calif.

I read Rye Reflections every month because you publish the day before we at Melrose Mirror publish.  Your article on Machu Picchu was of great interest to me as I was there many years ago.  If you care to read my article you have to go to the Melrose Mirror (www.melrosemirror.media.mit.edu), click on Who We Are and scroll down until you see my picture and name.  The article is #3469.  The pictures are thumbnails, so click on each to get an enlargement.  

You folks are doing a great job with your newspaper.

Ella Letterie, a Silverstringer with the Melrose Mirror, Melrose, Mass.

On New uses for an old facility:  Frog-raising anyone?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Coffee ice cream sodas, frappes, hot fudge sundaes, ice cream cones, banana splits.  Perfect for the old police station.  Either that, or a donut shop!

Gail Beamer, Marlboro, Mass.

I think a teen center would be great.  I’m a mother of four ranging in age from 8-18!  A lot of kids go to the library and it would be great to give them another resource.  A safe, fun environment I feel would be best.

Holly Fritz, Rye, N.H.

On The Lakehouse

Love this poem by Brian Cicero.

Louise Cushman, Falmouth, Maine

On River

Thank you for your poem William Veazey!

Louise Cushman, Falmouth, Maine

On Paris: City of Lights (La Ville Lumière) (December 2006)

I particularly enjoyed the Paris piece last month.

Norm Gaudrault, Topsfield, Mass.

On Aircraft towed targets were shot at with live shells (October 2006)

Great story from Stanley Drinkwater of Concord Point, Rye, N.H.  Thanks.

Peter Drinkwater, San Diego, Calif.

On Missing Rye

I stumbled upon your website and wanted to share my love for Rye (Harbor) and the entire Portsmouth area.  I lived there for only a couple of years in 1999-2002 and have every intention to move back within the next year or so.  Essentially, I have lived in California for the bulk of my life, and because of  my love of New England uprooted myself and moved there.  Unfortunately, there were some pressing circumstances with family that forced me back to California, but happily the season is coming to an end.  I utterly love Rye Harbor.  Here is a poem that I wanted you all to have.

The website is GREAT!

Rye Harbor

Riding down tree lined roads
on the way to your shores,
now distant, yet remembered,
the journey pleasant while
it lasted, before a shift in the weather
made bicycling unfeasible.

Recorded moments of days; months
turned to years, I wrote in my journal
while relaxing under a canopy of
clouds, blowing in and out
with the northeastern winds,
as the boats moved about your harbor.

The sounds of a lonely gull,
the serenity of a picture etched
in my remembrance, of a restful day
graced by New England tranquility –
Rye Harbor, though afar off
You remain close to my heart.

Carla Iacovetti, Monterey, Calif.