Computer Tutorial--Part 6B More Control Panel

Date & Time option discussion

Al Harper

We now continue on with the second article discussing the helpful options in the Control Panel.

  Accessibility      Fonts                   Scanners & Cameras
  Add Hardware    Internet Options     Security
  Add or Remove   Mouse                  Sounds and Audio
  Date & Time       Power Options       Taskbar & Start Menu
  Display              Printers & Faxes     User Accounts
  Folder Options    Regional/Language  Windows Firewall

The next helpful option is "Date and Time", and the window appears as follows:

This window has three tabs: "Date and Time, "Time Zone". and "Internet Time". When you buy a new PC the "Date" is usually shown as January 1, 1900. You click the small down arrow to the right of the month shown and select the current month. You click on that month and it appears in the small window.

The year can be chosen by clicking on the very small up arrow to the right until the year 2007 is reached. The calendar for the month chosen shows the days of the week below the month and year.

To the right a clock is shown with a sweep second hand and the actual time below. You can reset the time by moving the mouse arrow to the right of each hour, minute, second, and AM or PM and backspace to put in the correct number or letter.

When you are finished hit "Apply" down at the bottom right to put the changes in.

Next click on the second tab "Time Zone" and it looks like this:

You can click on the small down arrow just above the right corner of the map and get a listing of all the time zones with the major cities listed.  

This list can be scrolled up or down and looks like this:

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time which has time zone "0". Zones to the west are negative and to the east are positive. Travelers have often said that the most difficult time zone to adjust to is the GMT+12. It is midnight in Australia and noon here.

The last tab is "Internet Time" and looks like this:

Usually you do not have to make any changes to this window.

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September, 2007