Letters to the Editor

From our readers....

On Remembering Fast Day

What a great article.  I remember Fast Day, but I really like the idea of a “Slow Day”.  I think most families in today’s society would like slow days more often than not.

Miss Underwood’s photographs are absolutely beautiful in all the issues I’ve seen and I’ve been learning things about your area that I never knew.  Keep up the good work.

Julie A. Daley, Concord, N.H.

On  43 memorable springs in yard at 117 North State Street

Thank you, Ellen, for supplying us with the website for Polly’s article.  I’m sure your old neighborhood classmates will enjoy the article.  I hung out there some myself and it’s interesting to know what your mother was enjoying at that time when we were in our own little worlds.

Rita Key McDonald, Concord, N.H.

Good observations of life the way it should be lived – seeing the beauty in everyday things and enjoying the natural environment all areoud us.

Thank you for this article.

Nancee Wells Donovan, Concord, N.H.

When we were in grammar school, Polly’s daughter, Ellen, and I once buried a bird along the back fence.  I am so happy to read of the wonderful flowers that bloomed near that little being’s resting place.

Reading the description of the yard brought back so many wonderful memories of the Mortons and their home, an awful cake Ellen and I baked in the kitchen, a blue and white hat Mrs. Morton knit for me.

It’s wonderful to be reminded of Concord.  Thank you.

Nancy Markey Gleason, Portland, Maine

June, 2007