Bill Warren

Blended by living in many places while calling the seacoast of New Hampshire home

Bill Warren passed away on August 11, 2017. Obituary here.

I came to the Seacoast of New Hampshire as a summer-only resident when my father was the Rector of St. Andrews By-The-Sea.

I am a “PK”--a preacher’s kid who inherited from my father his gift of public speaking, story telling and the ability to be at ease in any environment.  I took those skills into the world as a full-time salesman and part-time writer, and they housed, fed and clothed me and eventually paid my way through college.  Graduating as an adult I was living, by then, in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick in Australia.

Bill Warren

For employment I was an independent manufacturer’s agent for original equipment manufacturers.  I was trained by Corning Glass Works in territory development skills and honed those skills until I retired.  I had to retool the skills for each contract I took.  I worked for large multi-national corporations like Crown Corning Ltd. and Polaroid Australia to small local companies like New Hampshire Hydraulics.  My work took me throughout the eastern USA and overseas to Australia.  As I traveled often and far, I took up writing as a way to productively pass my time.

As a writer I produced a variety of articles on comparative urban history, political commentary, arboriculture, gardening, and so forth.  My articles have been published by national magazines, web pages and newspapers.  In Australia I wrote for trade magazines and for some of the Australian Labor Party newspapers.  With the help of my wife, Constance Sweetser Warren, we became co-authors of a book, “Then & Now Portsmouth”, published by Arcadia Publishing in 2001.

My volunteer activities include being one of the horticultural instructors at the Urban Forest Center in Portsmouth.  My specialty has been teaching how to prune (for flowers) the Common Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) which is the state flower for New Hampshire.  To have up-to-date knowledge, I am in my 14th year as a member of the UNH Cooperative Extension.  During this tenure I have taken the courses at the Thompson School at UNH as well as Cooperative Extension courses to become an Earth Team Volunteer, a Master Gardener, a Community Tree Steward, and a Backyard Tree Farmer.