Jim Cerny

Wayward geographer and enthusiastic digital photographer

My local connections include growing up in Portsmouth in the house my great-grandparents built. My mother grew up in Rye, on what was then the Hill estate ("The Barns") opposite the Wentworth Golf Course. My wife is from New Castle, and we were married in the Union Chapel in North Hampton.

While my academic training is in geography, I spent most of my career in computing support at the University of New Hampshire, starting in the days of punched cards and magnetic tapes and coming forward to Web pages and blogs. I was also adjunct in the Geography Department, regularly teaching cartography.

Since retirement my wife and I have settled in New Castle. I now have the time to indulge my enthusiasm for digital photography, though I still complain there are "so many images, so little time"! One of my character defects is collecting slide rules and I am the former Web manager for an international group of collectors called the Oughtred Society.

This picture shows me and my sister in the Fuller Gardens circa 1949 my profile has not improved!

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