Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway provides a perk

Seniors who live in New Hampshire can take the scenic ride free of charge

Story, photos by Bill Warren

This view is taken from the tramway on the way down, looking north at I-93 as it winds its way through the White Mountains. The tramcar as seen on the ticket (below) has no seats; it is designed for skiers standing with their skis held vertically at their sides. The trip to the summit takes only a few minutes, and halfway to the top the car going up passes the car coming down.

My wife and I took a mini-vacation for the last couple of days in July. We stayed in a motel that had indoor and outdoor swimming pools and featured numerous activities for children and parents with children. We decided that we would go to some of the tourist attractions in the White Mountains that we had seen advertised in the tourist brochures that the State of New Hampshire offers at its tourist centers. So, after we had checked in to our motel in Lincoln we tried the first place on our list: Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway.

We arrived at the visitor center in the middle of the day and had a snack in their cafeteria while we read about the aerial tramway in the free brochures that are in wall brackets with labels that read “Free Take One”. After our light meal, we went to the ticket office and asked the woman ticket seller if there were any discounts offered for senior citizens. She responded,“Show me your drivers' licenses” which sort of threw me off guard. It has been a lot of years since I was carded and had to show my driver’s license to prove how old I was. But since that is what she asked for, we complied.

When she had both of our licenses, she smiled and said, “Oh, I see, you are from New Hampshire. How nice to have local people come to take the aerial tramway” and handed them back to me. Then she said, “As you are from New Hampshire, and this is a state facility, there is no charge for seniors. If you had been out-of-state visitors, the cost for seniors would have been $11.00 per person to make the round trip to the top of the mountain and back again to the base station. She gave us our tickets and told us where to catch the tramway.

September, 2007