Letters to the editor

On Two women create gardens out of concrete

Very nice article on the Hampton Beach gardens.

John Kane, Hampton, N.H.

Ah, to the 7th generation, as Native Peoples say.  The children will
be appreciative of all your vision, blood, sweat and tears.  We raise a hoe to our long-time friends and colleagues the Gebharts and to all who are collaborating with you....a sign of a most-hopeful future for our planet!

Ellen and Dick Howie, Altamont, N.Y.

On Planting Day for Celia Thaxter’s garden

We visited the garden many years ago.  This story took us back to the island and to a wonderful vacation which included the visit.

Sharon Hamil,   Overland Park, Kansas

Great pictures of the garden planting.  Is this island open to visitors?  I wish I was there to help.

Elisabeth Porter, London, England

Super article, Jim

Bill Drew, New Castle, N.H.

On Wentworth By The Sea Country Club has Scottish flavor

My congratulations to Bob Dunn on an excellent feature article on our club.
Bob, your photographs are beautiful and you made Charlie look like a two handicap!

Bob Diodati, Rye, N.H.

I have enjoyed your many editions and articles.  Your effort is very much appreciated, although we may not always tell you.

I have one observation after reading Bob Dunn's nice article about the Wentworth.

In this day and age we are trying very hard to eliminate sexist language from even golf articles.

To "correctly" describe the various tee positions today, they are either classified by color--blue, white or red (among many other colors), or by category, such as championship, back middle or forward.

The designation of a tee for only for men or women is past.

Sheila Sullivan, Rye, N.H.

On It’s a Rye Dog’s World:  Nicholas gets vacation bug

I loved your piece about Nicholas on vacation.  I even read it to our golden retriever, Annie-dog!

Jim Cerny, New Castle, N.H.

The dog stories are so good I feel like I am there throwing the ball.  You have great insight into the doggie mind.

Martha Gilfeather, Sarasota, Fla.

On Recipes:  3 more using blueberries

Just back from vacation.  I am going to try the blueberry square recipe this weekend.

Marlene Horowitz, Longboat Key, Fla.

Can’t wait to pick blueberries and try these recipes.  They all look yummy.

Janet Ford, Portsmouth, N.H.

On Sunday at the Beach

I love the painting by Jim Hamil.  He really catches the light and movement of the clouds and water.  I have seen his Kansas pictures and they too capture the spirit of the place.  Wonderful work!

Elisabeth Porter, London, England

On Alternative Energy Sources -- a necessity

The Rye Reflections article on the need for alternative energy always rings a bell with me.

I am currently working on a project for Haiti where they will grow a weed called Jatropha Curcas that grows most anywhere, reproduces for 50 years and yields bio diesel fuel as well as other byproducts from its berry.  (Details of the plant and its use in Madagascar, South Africa and Kenya available to those who google it.)

The seacoast has a natural generator of alternative energy given to us by the creator, but is being left to waste.  I refer to the wind.  The wind was not placed on earth to make those porch chimes jingle.  The wind was placed here to move the pre-motor ships to discover new worlds, and today, to move the blades of windmills.

While I would not even begin to suggest it, the wind blowing across our marshes could power the whole seacoast.  Were it possible, I would place one right on my propety to power my forthcoming home and all our neighbors.  However, with the opposition against cell towers, windmills may have to take a back seat and force us to use fossil fuel which is shrinking fast.  We would not have needed the nuclear plant if we had windmills.

Never forget, we live on a space ship moving at 64,000 miles per hour with a dwindling fuel supply and a growing passenger list.

Energy needs are growing, not shrinking.  Fossil fuel is shrinking, not growing.

Alternative energy via windmills is the way to go.  They are much improved and can add serenity to the day.  I have seen farms all over Austria and other countries.

Mike Spinelli, Rye, N.H.

On the Radar house

Well, the steel people are finally wrapping up. (They were the hold up.)  We hope to have the top observation terrace mounted by the end of next week.  The outline of what it will look like should then be done.
Mike Spinelli, Rye, N.H.

EDITORS' NOTE:  Below is a recent photograph of the construction by Judy Palm of Rye Reflections.)

September, 2007