Action aplenty as White Island and Lighthouse button up

Tower, damaged by storm, is repaired; marine railway, helipad, foghorn readied

Story by Sue Reynolds; Photos by Pete Reynolds

White Island on the Isles of Shoals has been bustling with activity this fall, with three projects receiving attention in October.

Just in time, before winter frost and ice damage the Lighthouse tower, New Hampshire Glass volunteered its time and materials to repair the window (below) that had been damaged last April. The northeast lower window was a new replacement in 2005.  Aprilís ferocious ocean storm dislodged the window, pushing it in.  The heavy metal frame was bent, but amazingly the glass remained intact. The window is repaired and sealed up tight for the winter!

The marine railway (below) designed and built by Pickering Marine has been completed. The crew at Pickering Marine worked diligently to ensure completion by October 26th.

The United States Coast Guard has repaired the helicopter landing pad (below) and will soon be installing new solar panels (to charge the batteries that power the light) and a new foghorn.  Both the solar panels and foghorn were destroyed in the Patriotís Day storm.

The U.S. Coast Guard maintains the aid to navigation -- the light and foghorn. The State of New Hampshire owns the property.  Lighthouse Kids Incorporated works cooperatively with the state to restore and maintain the historic site.

You can check out Lighthouse Kids activities at:

(Sue Reynolds is captain of the Uncle Oscar out of Rye Harbor and, as a 7th-grade teacher in North Hampton, founded the Lighthouse Kids seven years ago to repair and maintain the 1859 lighthouse on the southernmost Shoals island.)

November, 2007