Judy Palm

Teaching French in Wilmington, Mass. and studying in Alaska and France combined with marriage and raising three children and a husband coaching athletics made for a full life including foreign vacation travel.

I lived my entire life in the small town of Wilmington, Mass. It was a nice place to grow up. After receiving a B.A. from Regis College, I began teaching French at Wilmington High School. In those days the government was offering incentives for prospective teachers, and two summers I applied for and was awarded NDEA (National Defense Education Act) grants to study French. The first summer was in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the next in France. Those summers got me hooked on travel and France.

Another new teacher in Wilmington at that time was Ken Palm. We met and were married in 1969. Three children followed pretty quickly, and our years were spent going to Kenís football or hockey games (he coached)  and later to all of the childrenís various games, track, soccer, baseball, etc. In later years I earned an M.Ed. from Lesley and continued teaching in Gloucester and Tewksbury.

Upon our retirement we moved to Hampton, having sold our home in Wilmington to our younger daughter. Ken got involved with Rye Reflections and I joined him after seeing how much fun he was having.  All of our children are close by, so now our days are filled with visiting them, Rye Reflections and planning the next trip.

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