Letters to the editor

On Key West – a tropical island paradise…

Great article and wonderful pictures.  Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen B. Starks, Las Vegas, Nev.

On Cranmore Mountain celebrates 70th anniversary...

Great article ......... and a fine publication!   

Lynn Markham, somewhere in north-central Massachusetts

On It’s a Rye dog’s life…

Another great chapter in the life of Nicholas!  Thanks.

Jim Estes, San Diego

Great story about the golden retriever.  We have one, Duffy, our fourth.  The world’s greatest breed…(and a real guard dog).  Don’t know how you found me, but keep the emails coming.  Very interesting stuff.

Richard Pistey, Bow, N.H.

On New Castle, a poet’s paradise (November 2007...

I stumbed upon Rye Reflections and imagine my surprise when I saw a picture of my grandfather’s store.  My grandfather was Roy J. Prohaska, Sr.  My dad was Roy J. Prohaska, Jr.  I grew up hearing stories about the store.  I even have the gumball machine from it.  That was a wonderful picture of the store that I had never seen.  I will be a frequent visitor to Rye Reflections.  I look forward to the great pictures, recipes and wonderful stories.

Jan Prohaska Boeckmann, St. Paul, Minn.

On The Festival of Trees brings holiday spirit to Seacoast...

The pictures of all the different decorated Christmas trees were a pleasure.  I enjoy all the other pictures as well.  They add a nice touch.  

Ed Boyd, Melrose, Mass.

On  Tourists were few in the Kathmandu of the Sixties…

Have just finished reading your article about Nepal.  What an experience and what great pictures.  You were brave to have made those trips.

Sally Bates, Center Harbor, N.H.

On Rye Reflections...

I found your web site a year ago when I was doing a search on Rye Harbor.  I wanted to say hello and tell you that I have been visiting your site from time to time and I’m quite impressed with how it has some along.  I have enjoyed reading the historical pieces about the area, the local news, sharing of recipes and the page about “who you are.”  I relate to so many of you for our shared love of Rye.  

I am finishing up my B.A. in English and Comparative Literature and plan on moving back to the area in June.  I am truly ecstatic.  This has been a long awaited dream.   I feel like I am in a rocket launch awaiting the glorious moment of departure.

Carla Iacovetti, Pacific Grove, Calif.

On Artist's journey takes her from danger to solitude (March 2007)...

I just finished reading your story on Ann Tolson.  I have known her most of my life as she and her family lived next door to me in Connecticut.  You can add modest to her list of attributes because as a friend of her daughters and a neighbor you would have thought I would have heard of some of these tales of her earlier life.  She is a wonderful person as well as artist and I was pleased that you wrote such an interesting story about her.

Betsy Orme, Concord, Calif.

January, 2008