New Hampshire in negotiations with Texas

John Stark turns over in grave!

Landon McKeester

Prototype of license with new motto. (staff image)

The State of New Hampshire is negotiating to sell the State motto "Live Free or Die" to the State of Texas. Recall, it was General John Stark who wrote in 1809, "Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

Wry Reflection's anonymous sources in Concord tell us this comes from a brainstorming session by Governor Lynch to find new ways to fund school obligations without a Statewide property tax. At the same time Texas is looking to upgrade their motto from "Friendship" to something more aggressively patriotic. Many mistakenly think the Texas nickname ("Lone Star State") or slogan ("Don't Mess with Texas") is their official motto.

The initial proposal by New Hampshire calls for Texas to pay $100 million/per year for 20 years, similar to the payout from a lottery. Several Texans in the oil bidness have offered to fund the purchase.

Expectations are for a contest to replace the New Hampshire State motto, with some alternatives already in consideration: "Be Nice", "Buy Your Booze Here", and  "Go Back to Massachusetts".

April Fools Day, 2008