You wanna bet?


(photo by Lobal)

While doing some research on the naming of ski trails at New England Resorts, I found many named after American Indian tribes. Many were from the Algonquin tribe and also from one of the branches of the Algonquin, the Wabanaki (alias the Abenaki). I also found that a large group of the descendants of the Abenaki had discovered in THEIR research that these descendants of the original Abenaki Tribe were claiming ownership of a large parcel of land that is located in Rye and Rye Beach. The particular areas that they had researched were the former site of the old Farragut Hotel and the Abenaqui Country Club.

Old Farragut Hotel area. (photo by Lobal)

They have begun to research the necessary legal procedures to acquire title to their forefathers land, and some have sent in ideas of building a large Casino Hotel and wide open gambling similar to Foxwoods or even a miniature Las Vegas with many hotels and casinos. They say that the acreage of the area between the Farragut site and the golf course would be more than 100 acres. They further were mentioning that its proximity to Boston would bring big crowds. Start saving the quarters for the machines.

The Future? (photo by Las Vegas News Bureau/LVCVA)

*April Fool in pidgin Abenaki: Sogalika = April + fool
  Lobal = Robert

April Fool's Day, 2008