Computer Tutorial Part 12 :"All Programs" Part 3

Al Harper

We continue on with "All Programs" starting with "Adobe Reader"

All Programs Window

The "All Programs" and its sub menus will show you all the programs on the machine excluding those which you might have deleted. Each computer will have a somewhat different listing depending on the maunfacturer and the new software which the user adds for his/her enjoyment.

Adobe Reader is software that displays and prints PDF files. It must be purchased. You may recall that a PDF file is a method for distributing formatted documents over the internet.

"Internet Explorer" is a common web browser and its window looks like this:

Internet Explorer Window

This window is shown at a width of 500px. The actual window covers the whole page. The MSN search block is at the top followed by "Welcome" and a number of general areas you may click on for more information. Next is a whole page of news items you may click on for more specific information.

The next item is "Media Center" and when clicked the window covers the whole screen. I will show just the key items in the center. They look like this:

Media Center Window

After "My Iternet" come "My Games", "More Programs", and "Settings". You may click on any/all of these options to explore them.

The next item is "Microsoft Plus! Photo Story 2LE", software that you may purchase. The options are "Begin a story", "Edit a Photo Story Project", "Play a Story or use a story to create a VCD", "Configure a microphone", and "Learn more about creating stories". Click on any of these if you have the interest. This software may be purchased. Other options include "Sharing photos", "Configure your digital music", "Enhance your home movies", and "Enjoy your music and videos" on your pocket PC.

The next item is "Musicmatch Jukebox". The window is very wide and cannot be easily displayed in this article. Click on the options presented if you have the interest.

The next item is "Remote Assistance". The window is titled "Help and Support Center", and the large window looks like this:

Remote Assistance Window

This window is self-explanatory, and you may try any number of options.

The last item in this article is "Textpad". Its window looks like this:

Textpad Window

Textpad is a powerful general purpose editor for plain text files. It is easy to use with all the features a user requires. For example: Flexible clicking to select lines, use wild cards, replace the dialog box for tabs and form feeds, View in Web Browser, Macro capabilities, etc. If you are interested be sure to review FAQ and TIPS.

NEXT: A continuation of additional options.

September 2008