Pulpit Pizza to open

Yummy for your tummy

by Phil Mataleven

Pulpit Pizza. (photo by Coda Krome)

The Rye Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment recently gave unanimous approval to repurpose the old World War II watch tower at Pulpit Rock as a commercial business called "Pulpit Pizza."  Board Chairman, Saul Wellingood, said that a key to the decision was limiting the business to home deliveries. The new business owner, Joaquin Freezer, was ecstatic about approval of the color for the structure. "I just think puce is the most important primary color and it will help Rye residents to emote, not to keep their feelings imprisoned in their subconscious."

We asked several Rye residents for their reaction to this change along the oceanfront.  

When we approached Gnarly Bob Switchfoot, who at age 76 is the oldest active surfer in town, he just shook his head and yelled "Cowabunga, dude!," as he paddled out into the surf at Rye on the Rocks.  

At Rye Public Library we caught up with Barbara Crumpet, who was much more talkative. "My absolute most favoritist pizza is caramelized onion pizza, but it has to have plenty of fresh thyme. And I just love their home delivery service for those times when I'm curled up with my latest Danielle Steel novel. I just wish the Library would do home deliveries in the evening as well."

In a parallel universe, July, 2008