Computer Tutorial 13: Part 4 Continuation of "All Programs"

We continue on with the next part of "All Programs".

All Programs Window

The next item is "Windows Media Player" and it looks like this:

Media Player Window

The media player allows you to select the music you prefer and put it into a play list in the library. You can call it up when you wish. The "Now Playing" button allows you to pick a visualization to go with the music. Doing a right click on any of "Now Playing", "Library", or "RIP" will bring up other options including a help list. Media here includes not only music but also pictures, video, recorded TV and some other areas.

The next item is "Windows Movie Maker". I have not used this software for movie making. The window looks straight forward, and I leave this in your hands. If you follow the instructions you should be OK.

The next item is "Mozilla Firefox" and the window looks like this:

Firefox Window

If you want to start Firefox, fill in the reset buttons that fill your needs and hit "Continue". Many users find Firefox superior to Internet Explorer. The next window will ask you if you want to make Firefox your browser. If you click yes, the instructions will continue.

The next article is the last for "All Programs".

October, 2008