Computer Tutorial 17: Helpful Hints #3

Character Map presents and leads to numerous advantages

Al Harper

This Helpful Hint deals with the Character Map. The Character Map shows all the characters that are available to be printed from your computer. You may access the Character Map as follows: click on Start, then All Programs, then Accessories then System Tools and finally Character Map.

It looks like this:

Character Map  Window

This map has 200 characters. It includes the numbers 0 to 9, small letters and capital letters from a to z, all the common punctuation marks, many foreign characters with accents acute, grave, and umlaut, parenthesis, brackets and braces, some fractions, and many other special characters which are not commonly used. There may be differences in the Map from one PC to another.

If you click on "Advanced View" the window expands to:

Character Map Window Expanded

If you now cick on the down arrow at the end of "Character Set" you get the following small drop-down window:

Character Map Window Expanded

If you click on "Arabic" for example you will get the following:

Character Map for Arabic

The first fifty characters have not changed. Most of the bottom fifty have included Arabic characters where available. This approach is used for any language clicked on.

If you now pick a character, say, the sixth character in the ninth row and click on that you get a blowup of that character. Now hit "Select" and the window looks like this:

Character Map for a particular Arabic character

You can select as many characters as you wish and put them in the "Characters to copy" slot and when finished hit "Copy" to put them on the clipboard. You can then paste them to wherever you wish.

Character maps may differ for each manufacturer.

Before leaving this window you should click on "Help" to get information on other options that are available to you for "Group" and "Search".

The Group by Subrange will bring up another small window with many helpful options such as:

"Group by": Options

Try some of these options if you are interested.

February, 2009