The Seashore Share

Bill Warren

Judy Palm photo

Why have I stopped along the stretch of beach,
Where the skies are threatening and cloudy?
What are the lessons the ocean can teach,
When the water is acting so rowdy?
I stare down the beach at the windswept sands
And terrible tormented sea grasses;
My mind I surrendered to dreaming lands,
Now safe from the pedestrian passes.
The cold gray stare from the ocean I feel;
The waves are clapping a message of might.
How long do I stay to gain a repeal
To change mental pain to healthy insight?

I returned to my car; a long drive home,
I have quenched my mind with sea freshened air.
My thoughts have been free to wander and roam
And Iím replenished by the seashore share.
The new day has become brilliantly clear
But day breezes from the sea are chilling.
I have come to like this lonely place here
And will return when my thoughts need tilling.

Plain Food

Many people like highly seasoned food;
They tell me seasoning makes it taste good.
But Iím from the school that always favors
The pleasures of eating pure food flavors.
If asked out for a Mexican dinner
Some may get fatter while Iíll get thinner.
However, if dinnerís simply catered
Then Iíll come to be meat and ďpotateredĒ.


There was a priest from St. Sera            
Fighting terrorists on firma terra.
In church while praying,
For the future, was saying:
A rector sees R. O. T. C. era.

[last line is a palindrome]

September, 2008