Letters to the editor

On My Garden…

Lovely poem, lovely pictures.  Thank you.  

Carlene A. Thissen, Naples, Florida

I  sent over 75 e-mails to friends and acquaintances to tell them about Rye Reflections and to read our poem and view pictures of our garden.
I am impressed by the quality of the writing in Rye Reflections. Also the layout is extraordinary.

I am sorry if I am embarrassing you with compliments but I must tell you that I am proud to have my simple poem in such an exemplary online publication.  I also have read all the July articles and will start on August soon.

Stuart Wisong, Portsmouth, N.H.

I would like to thank Stuart for inviting me into his poetic garden of comfort and tranquility.   Through Stuart's poetry Ryan's' photographs,  I enjoyed a brief and peaceful respite.  I felt the presence and love of a home I have missed.  Meandering through this wonderful poetry I felt as if I had had been transported to a world where I belonged.

Thank you Stuart and Ryan for inviting me to the garden you have both created.

Adrienne Jahn, West Coast, U.S.A.

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On Guaranteeing our right to vote…

As set forth in the Declaration of Independence, a government’s legitimacy derives “from the consent of the governed.”  The right to vote makes our government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, and it is guaranteed to every citizen, 18 years of age or older, by both the United States and New Hampshire constitutions.   Franklin Roosevelt once said that “nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves . . . by not voting.”  Yet, in the 2006 State Primary, the voters of Rye did exactly that, when only 17% of registered voters cast a ballot.  

It may sometimes seem like there isn’t enough time in the day to vote, or a particular election is not important.  However, voting only takes a few minutes – you can do it on the way to or from work, during your lunch break, or by absentee ballot; and it is essential to the functioning of a healthy democracy.  If you have a young child, make a trip to the voting booth part of their civic education.  Don’t let somebody else choose your elected officials for you!  Please join your friends and neighbors at the polls, and VOTE.  Let’s do better than 17%!

This year’s State Primary is on Tuesday, September 9th.  The polls at Rye Elementary School will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.  There are contested races on both the Republican and Democratic ballots.  If you are registered as “undeclared”, or “independent”, you may vote in either party’s primary.  The General Election is on Tuesday, November 4th.  Again, the polls are open at RES from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
You can register at the Town Clerk’s office during normal business hours on any day through September 2nd for the primary, and through October 25th for the November election.  You can also register at the polls on primary or election day and still vote.  If you can’t get to the polls, absentee ballots are available at the Town Clerk’s office as late as the day before the election.  

Bob Eaton, Town Moderator, Rye, N.H.

On Cooking school, Piscataqua Café and Seacoast neighbors have a night out in Boston’s North End…

I just checked out the August Rye Reflections. It has lots of good stuff.  I wanted to thank you for the information and the Web address for Stonewall Kitchen. What a great idea for a gift to one of those cooking classes. It's something I think my sister would enjoy so I'll have to keep an eye on their schedule.
I just read the article about the neighbors visiting the North End in Boston. I've always wanted to do that but just haven't gotten around to it. Besides telling us about various eating places, I loved the history that was included.
Elizabeth Smith, Concord, N.H.

We just spent quite a bit of time reading Rye Reflections. We loved reading about the Piscataqua Cafe and its history. The restaurant class looks like fun. The visit to China was most relevant.

Sharon & Jim Hamil, Overland Park, Kansas  

August edition - just wonderful.  Thoroughly enjoyed the articles.
Kathleen B. Starks, Las Vegas, Nev.

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Those are excellent photos and a nice article about the Cafe.  In case you are interested, the "period paintings of children" on the stairway are paintings of the former owners, Gerard and Elsie Amazeen, from photos taken when they were children. They are my parents and I did the paintings as a gift to them quite a few years ago.

Tania Amazeen-Jones, Rochester, N.H.

Regarding the wonderful article on the Cafe open house:  After Luther the 2nd died, Raymond Amazeen, the oldest son, became the owner of the 1/2 house, barn and Cafe.  His brother, my father ( Gerard Amazeen), received the other land the family owned off Cranfield Street (131) before Luther died, when he was to be married, for a house for his family.  That is where I grew up.  It included part of Bosun's Hill at that time and all the land across from the present New Castle School. Gerard also had the small lot where he had the boat yard on Cranfield Street.  Ray and Gerard may have owned that together for a time.  I am not sure.  My brother Paul would probably know.

My Uncle Ray left all his property to my mother, Elsie Amazeen, upon his death as my father had already died.  When my mother died, she left everything to us four children and Paul wanted the Cafe and house across the street.  We three girls got the home place.  My mother had already sold the boat yard.  None of  could afford to buy out the other two so the property at #131 Cranfield Street  was sadly sold.

Nancy Amazeen Whitlock, York,  Maine

As always, a delightful "read."  You folks really know how to create and preserve a community feeling.

Bill Dick, Temperance,  Michigan

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On Corbett exhibits her works at Webster at Rye…

Absolutely beautiful and colorful. I am a fan of Corbett's flowers.

Dolores Rebolledo, Stratham, N.H.

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And Wry...

On New beach crisis creates flap…

In the interest of cutting off a major flap at the pass, and with horses in some cities in mind, let me suggest that each dog be outfitted with an appropriate size diaper before walking on the beach!
Jim Estes, San Diego, Calif.

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September, 2008