Letters to the editor

Picture Caption Contest …

With this issue we are launching a picture caption contest. Take a look at this month's picture, below, and send us as many caption entries as you wish. We are looking for captions that are witty and clever. Please include your name and the community where you live. The winner will be named in this section on the following month. Become famous!

(photo by Jim Cerny)

On Rye Reflections …

This is how I read Rye Reflections:
1.      Scan the article titles for interesting topics.
2.      Check out all the photos – and they are amazing.
3.      Read through all the recipes, and drool.
4.      Go back and read the articles in order of interest.

I’m always happy to see my e-mail arrive from Hank and Nancy McFarland telling me that this month’s Rye Reflections is available.

Dianne Valentine, Rye, N.H.

Love the publication!  I forwarded it to my friend who lives in West Yarmouth, Mass.  

Mary Alice Dickenson, Angel Fire, N.M.

Thank you for sending Rye Reflections.  I did not realize how beautiful Rye is.  I was in N.H. back in 1982. Don't you think it is time to return for another look?

Miyoko Adams,  Los Angeles, Calif.

On Fantasy Flying: Lonesome Charlie gets dating assists …

Your piece was delightful! I was fearful that Charlie would get more bounce in his step than he could handle, lose control on his way and drop all his goodies in the gutter! But, it seems I did not have to worry.

Jim Estes, San Diego, Calif.

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On Timberon summer brings birds, bees and butterflies …

Oh, my gosh, those photos are awesome. We’ve been taking a lot of the monarchs and different butterflies that come into our garden. My husband takes them with his cell phone and they are really quite good.

Elizabeth Smith, Concord, N.H.

Judy's photos of the hummingbirds and wasps were just amazing. New Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. Hope to see more of her work here, or maybe in "New Mexico Magazine."

Fern Lacoy Kelly,Nashville, Tenn.

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On Concertina players converge on Portsmouth …

Great article - thanks for sending it along.  

Tom Hall, Nottingham, N.H.  

The article on concertinas was marvelous.  I always wondered where and how the music was produced.  The pictures and the description were typically Ellen Hamil - clear, concise, correct.  Thank you.

Clay and Peggy Blanton, Spring Branch, Tex.

Thanks for sending me Rye Reflections.  I was impressed with your article and forwarded it on to some mutual friends.  Will look forward to hearing Dave play.  

Karen Bonfield, Covington, Kentucky

Enjoyed the article on concertinas.  It was so nice to see what one looked like. I feel connected.  Sure wish we were there.  September sounds like fun at the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival.

Don and Nancy Wessel, Fairfield Glade, Tenn.

What an interesting life you have Ellen.  Your recent article is just great.  Can't help but envy you being exposed to such unique events and people.  New England is such a wonderful area of the country.  

Kathleen B. Starks, Las Vegas, Nev.

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On Family farms foster fruitful fields …

Thank you for this awesome article.  I love, love, love health and fitness and nutrition and am so happy and passionate about supporting our local, healthy,organic farms.

Lynn Powers, Barrington, N.H.

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On Fuller Gardens: Seacoast gem in North Hampton …

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story on the Fuller Gardens. It was like a trip down memory lane for me as when I was growing up in Rye in the ‘40's my Dad used to be a gardener at the Fuller Gardens and I went there often. Thanks for a great article. The pictures are wonderful.

Joan Moffett, Bow, N.H.

A mutual friend e-mailed the September Rye Reflections to us.  I particularly enjoyed the pictures from the Fuller Gardens. We live on the west shore of Lake Memphremagog near Newport, Vermont, where I have some nice flower gardens of my own.

Gene and Jim MacKellar, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont

Everyone who has visited the Fuller Gardens probably has their favorite part of the Garden -- and favorite flowers and objects.  One of my favorites is the large clay urn at the original entrance to the front garden from the street (now blocked), surrounded by yew hedges.  Enclosed is a 2004 picture of the urn and a picture of me and my sister, Julie, beside the urn in the early 1950s.

Jim Cerny, New Castle, N.H.

Now: Clay urn at Fuller Gardens.

Then: Julie and Jim Cerny, 1950s.

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October, 2008