A Valentine from a Grandmother-to-be

(The following poem was written ten years ago while awaiting the birth of my first grandchild)

Jayne de Constant

Tiny child, who will be part mine,
I welcome you to our world.
I do not know your name, but I know you.
You have always been close,
waiting for the right moment to join us.

How fortunate you are.
You are so wanted and loved
long before we meet you.

Your mother is tall, graceful, gentle.
Your father is steadfast, caring, proud.
Will your eyes be your motherís blue
or the warm brown of your dad?
We must wait and see.

The wait is hard.
But it is good, because you are growing,
readying yourself for your journey into light.

What will please you when you arrive?
Strong arms to hold you,
warm milk to drink,
A cozy crib for your baby dreams.

And soon:     carriage rides, teddy bears, stories
        a sandy beach, snowflakes, kittens,

February, 2009