Letters to the Editor

This marks the end of the Caption Contest begun in October, 2008. While we got a handful of excellent entries it did not engage enough readers for us to continue.

The February Picture Caption Contest Winner!

"Wow, that was some spicy salsa."

Norma P. Allen, Henderson, North Carolina

On ”Silent auction leads to breathtaking
African safari …”

Congratulations Elaine!  A great trip and a great cause that you supported.
Scott A. Eagleson, Hampton, New Hampshire

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On ”A cold war monument in the making …”

That is quite a story!  Thanks for getting it out … what a nice job you did organizing all that information.
Betty Smith, Concord, New Hampshire

Great read, Ellen. I would love to hear more.
Marcia Vargas, Taos, New Mexico

You've been busy, I see. Very interesting U-2 story.  Thanks for sending it on.
Phaedra Greenwood, Taos, New Mexico

What a great story!  
Eugenia Hauber, Taos, New Mexico

Great job on the story, Ellen.
T.D. Barnes, Henderson, Nevada

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”Save the greenhead …”

The Society for the Preservation of Tabanus nigrovittatus salutes you!
James Dierks, Longboat Key, Florida

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”Visiting Galapagos is a naturalist’s
delight … (March, 2007)”

Judy Underwood's fine photographs and narrative of her time in the Galapagos have inspired me.  I'm looking forward to my upcoming visit there.

I, too, went on a photo safari in Southern Africa last fall and have many fine photo souvenirs. One I’d like to share is a female leopard seen near sundown in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. We (in a Land Rover) watched from a distance of 30 feet for about three minutes. She never acknowledged our presence; we left, then a few minutes later saw her move into deep cover.   
Richard Richmond, Winchester, Massachusetts

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March, 2009