Bonfires of the Confederacy 'Roll Alabama, Roll!'
The trail and tale of 'CSS Alabama' and its battle with 'USS Kearsarge'
Ellen Morton Hamil

Surfers share joy of sea with Wounded Warrior veterans
Food, surfboards, lessons and encouragement provided on joy-filled day
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A humanoid robot as a companion for seniors?
Rye group gets glimpse of future interaction envisioned by MIT researchers
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Coffee Marshmallow Dessert and Leftover Supreme
Marion Dunn and Jayne de Constant

Greatest Generation — Bettey Menson
'Our Anchorage': Bettey and son reflect on their beloved house by sea
Marg Carroll

In Plain Sight Hampton Blooms
Business and home owners beautify the town and beach with colorful blossoms
Judy Palm, story and photos

September brings warm soil to garden, ideal for planting success
Also, prices are right for landscaping and perennials tend to take hold
Bill Warren

Putting seals on a Duck
Take a virtual trip on a marine mammal release at the Isles of Shoals
Jim Cerny, story and photographs

Computer Tutorial #24: Helpful Hints on defragmenting
Restoration process makes up for inefficiencies of Windows
Al Harper

Make a short trip on a tall ship
Take a virtual ride on the tall ship Eagle
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