Letters to the Editor

On "Dennis Eckersley … "

I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Eck. My husband and I watch the Sox every night and although we were saddened to hear of Jerry Remy's illness, we have found the mix of fill-in people refreshing.

What do I love about Eck? Not only is he gorgeous, he also stays focused on the game and has really made me more aware of the kinds of pitches being thrown. I love his baseball lingo which is fun and makes us look forward to the team coming back home so we can hear Eck once again.

Keep him up there in the booth, he's throwing paint every game.

Betty Smith, Concord, New Hampshire

Fun article.  The Eck is certainly a colorful guy. I didn't realize that he's in his mid-fifties - looks to be in terrific shape.

I'm looking forward to Remy's return.  A bottom-of-the-screen banner line stated that he would be returning part-time beginning August 21.  That's great for me as I enjoy his insights into the game as a whole while the Eck primarily enlightens me regarding the pitching game.

Go Sox!

John Parkhurst, Rye, New Hampshire

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On "Four seaside gardens beautified by 93-year old club … "

Many, many thanks for the beautiful piece for Rye Reflections. I’ve heard from many members and they are so appreciative. It was a wonderful reminder of how fortunate we are to participate in the continuation of something so special. It is a privilege to have Jayne de Constant in the Garden Club.
Leslie Asadoorian, North Hampton, New Hampshire

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On "Rye Historical Museum … "

I grew up in Manchester and spent many happy hours of my childhood at Rye Beach.  I brought my children there during their growing years. Each time I go back and visit the coastline, I am shocked to see all the changes and growth!

After many years of coming to Rye in the summer, my husband and I decided to venture over to Rye Center and visit the Rye Historical Society and Museum. We were greeted at the door by a gentleman who offered to show us around and answer any questions we might have.

As we were looking around we came upon some photos of children taking swimming lessons at Rye Harbor and I was stunned to see myself in a little white bathing cap getting ready to take the first icy plunge of the morning!

We were so charmed by the place that I will be sending one of my favorite possessions to them as a donation. That possession is a perfectly preserved piece of wood from the cedar forest that I have had for about 50 years. I know that we also have a number of black and white photographs my parents took back in the 30's and 40's and I am also planning to send them for others to enjoy. How great it would be if all Rye Reflections readers would do the same!

Dottie Dack, Albany, New York

On "Rye Reflections … "

We would like to thank all who are involved in Rye Reflections. Although we don't live in New Hampshire we are fortunate to have friends that do and we visit them a couple of times a year. I also attend a conference on Star Island every year and have enjoyed the articles pertaining to the Isles of Shoals.

The photos are also wonderful.

From the July 2009 issue I made the fruit tart recipe by Marion Dunn. It was delicious and will be a family favorite.
Thank you again!

Sue and Rick Kane, Lebanon, Connecticut

On "Rye Selectmen defend need for non-public meetings … "

It certainly is true that personnel issues must be discussed in closed session. Public notice must be posted in advance of the meeting indicating that a portion, or portions, of a meeting will be non-public.

However, as one who certainly does not possess information regarding various personnel issues that our selectmen inevitably have to deal with, it does seem that an inordinate number of meetings have been closed to the public.

Since this procedure seems now to be a "hot button" issue, and since we now do have a town manager to deal with most of these issues, I urge our selectmen to make every effort to keep their meetings, and portions thereof, open to the public.

John Parkhurst, Rye, New Hampshire

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On "The Milking Machine (Opinion) … "

Glad to see you are foward thinking, Bill!   Just don't feed any of that to Washington. Obama would grab it in a minute! He's definitely a "good to the last drop" kind of guy when it comes to new ways of controlling the public... with taxes or any other way.

We do enjoy reading your articles.

Ted and Bel Wilkins, Nipoma, California

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On "Trimmed down Saunders development
proposed … "

Does the already wealthy town of Rye need the added tax revenues that the condos will generate if the proposal is allowed?  What about ecology?  New Hampshire has little natural coastline left for New Hampshire natives and visitors to enjoy.  Does it always have to be about money and greed?
Enough private beach clubs also.

Denise Theriault, Rutherfordton, North Carolina

I have just read the August news in Rye Reflections about the "newest" plan for beautiful Rye Harbor.   Last week I came home for the burial service for my mother, Frances Moody Perry, and was appalled as I rode by the Harbor to think of losing any more of the land, sea life, and natural beauty God gave us.

This cannot happen and it should not happen. Please keep fighting to save some of the last shore and public sea view.  I am Portsmouth born, Mom was Class of 1935 at PHS, and my grandparents, Charles and Amy Moody, built a home on Sagamore Avenue in 1934 just over the bridge at 1A+1B. I was relieved to see that the present owners of the house seem to be restoring it.

Obviously, things do not stay the same, but if the Harbor were to be changed, it would be impossible to renew to its present beauty.

Keep fighting!

Norma Perry Allen, Henderson, North Carolina

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September, 2009