Bill Veazey

The recent passing of two high school classmates, combined with the need to start the planning of our 60th Reunion in New Jersey, brought back thoughts about our 50th Reunion, which had been postponed for one year due to the attack on New York's twin towers on 9/11/2001.

Our reunion was to have been in Rutherford on the 15th of September in a hotel which views the Towers, and as I sat in shock and disbelief in our home on Olde Parish Road watching the devastation, there was no question about the cancellation. It now seems so long ago, but the more I dwell upon it, I realize that during these past eight years others have been protecting all of us from further attacks.

This brief piece is simply to say thank you to all those who have had a part in that often thankless effort. It is appreciated!

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September, 2009