My Very Loverrrly Cat, Mittens

Gayle Sweeney

At the beach house lives my very loverrrly gray cat,
She likes our soft, warm chairs and a gentle, cheery pat.

How my cat loves wonderfully rosy, cozy spots!
She surely likes to curl up in a round ball a lot.

We got to be friends when she was only a kitten.
She has four snowy white paws so I called her mittens.

Once little mittens rode on my shoulders in the car.
Could she have climbed up my coat to see out near and far?

One night in my bed young mittens pounced on my big toe!
Why funny mittens liked my toe, I simply donít know.

My kitten Mittens grew up very fast one, two, three.
Carefully with her love she likes to look after me.

Getting her shots every year now is the best plan yet.
She says meow, meow the whole way to the nice vet.

Mittens gets a deserved surprise after her checkups.
She needs water to make her feel like a buttercup.

Mittens is my friend and she gives flowery sunshine.
Every day with her is like a real fun Valentine!

With her swinging paw she happily plays with my feet.
Up for this splendid game is where our minds love to meet.

For a quick bath with her pink tongue she can lick herself.
During clear nights she can see where the twinkling stars dwell.

Like a downy, falling snowflake Mittens is quiet.
She gives my world a twirl with joy I wonít soon forget.

Once the tips of Mittenís whiskers were pretty sky blue!
She had peeked at paints, perhaps just for something to do.

Mittens flexes all her padded paws for exercise
to help her to jump up high gracefully which is wise.

She jumps up on the stepís railing by a front window.
Wanting to know what is happening, she says hello!

When Mittens is poured dried food it can fall on her head.
She doesnít wait for it to land in her dish instead.

The dry, crunchy food helps to keep her sharp, white teeth clean.
She loves tuna fish and wishes in glorious dreams.

My Mittens loves very much, too, when I pour her milk.
Her marvelous, furry coat feels like the finest silk.

She is happy wandering where pure wildflowers grow.
She can watch butterflies there while the sun is aglow.

Some nights Mittens follows me down to the corner store.
She waits for me by a nearby bakeryís back door.

Mittens found a wild boyfriend who meets her for fun days.
He surprises her with his dear magnificent ways.

His deep heart is as big as a beautiful mountain.
He is always happy when he sees Mittens again.

This all-gray cat likes to visit, because heís smitten.
He loves to play outdoors, and he truly loves Mittens.

On a cold winter day I tried to walk on sheet ice.
He put his paw on my shaky boot just to be nice.

The two friends can walk on top of the smooth, frozen snow.
Their love is summerís bouquet with ribbons and a bow.

While playing together they don't ever want to part.
Mittenís brave boyfriend tried with delight and won her heart.

They played one September under the full Harvest moon.
The thought of her very own real Beau makes Mittenís swoon.

The wild cat jumped high up on the cottage roof one night.
All the stars like torches beyond him were burning bright.

Once Queen Mittens shared her fish with him which was so sweet.
He was very glad to get such a good, fancy treat.

When he tries to kiss her at times sheíll give him a smack.
She loves him in her own way, and he loves her right back.

Mittens and her boyfriend in time gladly got married.
They both hoped a lot for cute little kittens to feed.

My Mittens had a kitten on our couch beside me.
This little kitten was born there miraculously.

Mittens had three kittens and one had a crooked tail.
This darling light gray and white kitten was so special.

One small kitten was all gray from his head to his toes.
The other was charcoal with white above his nose.

As Mittens rolls about her soft belly you can see
Where she nursed her young is white like an Easter Lily.

Mittens' three kittens loved to play with strands of dyed yarn.
When they tumbled I would take them up in my two arms.

At home outdoors, the father catís strong love never ends
for his heroine is forever truly Mittens.

Mittens licked her three kittens to keep then clean and bright.
All the kittens were still on the beam most every night.

Mittenís new crew shined like diamonds as they frolicked.
She wouldnít trade them for anything else she could pick.

Once she had her own kittens my Mittens was spayed.
This way the lives of some homeless kittens could be saved.

Together at my safe place the kittens romped and roamed.
Eight weeks went by with them then I found each one a home.

When dear Mittens is content sometimes she purrs away,
cuddled up in my lap closely where she loves to stay.

After the kittens were gone, our hearts needed to mend.
My darling Mittens will always be my treasured friend.


February, 2010