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Jim Cerny, reporting and photography

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Flag on the excursion boat "M/V Thomas Laighton".

Public occurrences

These are a few of the many events and happenings in June!

Jenny Rosenson digging.

Mike McAndrew with wheelbarrow.

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Revolutionary War Battle

The American Independence Museum in Exeter is holding its festival on July 17 in celebration of the Revolutionary era. A highlight is the re-enactment of a battle between Colonial forces and British troops, with re-enactors in period costumes and firing period weapons. See the pictures below from last year.

British soldiers firing at the Colonials.

Colonials firing at the British.

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Ship spotting

The images for this month are a reflection of the summer activity with excursions, fishing, and research.

The "John M. Kingsbury," research vessel for the Shoals Marine Lab, passing by White Island at the Isles of Shoals.

The reproduction gundalow "Edward H. Adams," teaching vessel for the Gundalow Company, moored in New Castle with the UNH pier in the background.

A lobster boat with seagull escort at the harbor mouth, Kittery Point in the background. Click on image for a larger version.

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Gardens are here

June is a month of garden tours. The annual New Castle Village Garden Tour, sponsored by the Pontine Theatre, took place on June 13, despite damp and drizzly weather. The annual Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tour, sponsored by the South Church, took place on June 18-19, as reported separately in this issue. And June 8 was the annual planting of Celia Thaxter's Garden on Appledore Island.

June 8 was planting day for Celia Thaxter's garden at the Shoals Marine Lab on Appledore. This shows the planting team pausing to celebrate a member's birthday with a bit of non-alcoholic bubbly. From left to right: Jen Meister, Pam Boutilier, Priscilla Chellis, Mark Boutilier, and Lisa Tutinas. Click on image for a larger version.

Poppies in transit for the planting of Celia's garden, with the research vessel the "John M. Kingsbury" moored in the background.

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July, 2010