Rye Reflections

Norm Walker

Color fills pictures in Rye Reflection;
The ocean and hardy people offer powers
That give a full, completely deep collection,
A shower of bright white endless flowers.

Deep folk function at heart of this journal:
Former Globe editor, Jack Driscoll, leads
Many good writers and picture colonels
To help people grasp and hold Rye needs.

Jim Cerny, a fine reporter/photoman
Offers grand photos every key issue;
Countless others write, man or woman,
With love and warmth to breakthrough

The Rye audience who each month followed
This magazine to see what seacoast brings;
Itís quite special, quite deep to have swallowed
The sublime that each wave offers and sings.

Rye Reflections gave beauty for five years;
That will remain in the open spiritual realm,
Leaving love, love, and love, no tears,
To please the workers of this shell lemm(a).


September, 2010