A sunny summer's day in the life of Rye

August best suited for relaxation on a variety of fronts

Judy Palm, story and photos

Last winter (February, 2010) Rye Reflections ran a photo story on how those who live on the Seacoast entertain themselves on a cold winterís day. We discovered they do many things, a few of which are variations of things done in the summer. One day this August, as the sun rose behind the Isles of Shoals, we set out with a camera and observed adults and children enjoying themselves at the beaches and around town.

In Rye Harbor the activities include Whale Watching, fishing expeditions and sight-seeing trips as well as a lobster pound with everything for your summer clam bake.

Rye Harbor

The Uncle Oscar preparing to set out.

One-stop shopping in the harbor.

The physical activity for a cold winter's day was enjoying cross-country skiing or skating but on this beautiful sunny day people were walking, and jogging and biking.

At the beaches some were building their dream castles:


boogie boarding,

taking lessons and surfing

or just playing in the sand and water (make that mud).

At Wallis Sands most beachgoers are happy to sit in the sun and relax while some search among the rocks for lichens.

On Wednesday many gather at the Farmerís market to chat, purchase fresh local produce or flowers and be entertained.

There are seasonal businesses in Rye which are always busy.
The Ice House


Many enjoy golf at Abenaqui. Click here for a photographic tour of Abenaqui from November, 2009.

While others take the more literary approach at the Rye Public Library.

But we all enjoy a beautiful day on the seacoast under the watchful eye of the guardian of the sea.


September, 2010