Visit at Wallis Sands

Joann Duncanson

I had a visit with Millie today –

thought she might like some company.

She doesn’t know me, and all I know of her

is what is written on the plaque affixed to her bench:

"Millie McIntyre, 1920 – 1995,"

just enough to tell me that she loved this place –

probably spread her blanket and set up her favorite

beach chair here on this sand more times than

she could count.

She saw sand castles rise and fall with the tides,

countless holes dug by small hands wielding tiny shovels,

suntanned lovers sharing towels barely large enough for one –

a scene playing over and over again like a welcome,

never-ending encore for a favorite song.

Today Millie, Betsy Bacon, Paul and Claire Davis,

and the others, keep watch here from their

memorial benches lining the pathway between

the sod and sand – offering weary beach goers

a place to rest while collecting one more

seaside memory before starting for home.

Once our visit ended, I drove away from the beach

with some of the names on those benches still shining

in the rear view mirror of my mind –Albert Grande,

Thomas Bonano, Arthur and Esther Gray, Mary Matossian,

Richard Lyons, Vi and Clif Gilman, Marjorie Moreau Forbes,

the Gaults ............

The days are growing shorter now and winter will be coming on,

yet we have no need to worry about our Wallis Sands;

Millie and her faithful friends will surely watch over

our seaside treasure, keeping it safe until we meet again.

After all, they loved this special place, too.


September. 2010