Letters to the Editor

On "Notice to our Readers "

I love Rye Reflections and will miss it very much. I hope that the past issues will still be available because I like going back to see the beautiful pictures - and everything else. I don't even cook, but I love the recipes!
Martha Williams, Hampton, New Hampshire

Just a note of praise and sadness that you will be folding your tents in September. I was glad to be present at the birth of our younger sibling, and so pleased to see what a beautiful job you all have done in the five years past. I learned some tricks from your postings, and shamelessly stole the techniques for my own articles. Best wishes to you all.
John Averell, Melrose Mirror Editor

Rye Reflections has been a visual treat and a wonderful way to learn about the area. Your publication will be missed.
JoAnn Phillips, Brewster, Massachusetts

Goodness, I was sorry to hear you are going to discontinue Rye Reflections. It's been wonderful to get it each month, but I'm sure it's a lot of work. Thanks again for all the enjoyment.
Louise Puckett, Texas

Sorry to hear you are packing it in, but I understand - having produced church newsletters for many years. Sometimes, it is fun, but often it is a deadline. Commendations to you all for a job well done! I hope you have fun with your Final Edition.
Jim Estes, San Diego,California

Why is Rye Reflections closing down. I will certainly miss it if it stops.
Peter Hood, Champaign, Illinois

So sorry to see it go. I enjoyed all aspects of the articles. Good work!
Cathy Symonds, Reading, Massachusetts

I am sure there are good reasons for closing anything...but you must be proud of the fantastic issues you put out over the past five years...both journalistically and visually. So, I thank you, and am wondering what else you all may have up your sleeve(s)? I will stay tuned.
Joann Duncanson, Greenland, New Hampshire

Having enjoyed your monthly publication, I am sorry to hear that September will be your last edition. You are to be congratulated for producing such a high quality internet publication for five years. It is quite an accomplishment.
Jack Beckley, Melrose, Massachusetts

Sorry to see in your August issue that next month will be the last. It has been wonderful going online and seeing the articles and beautiful photos. You all have much to be proud about.
Kathleen B. Starks, Las Vegas, Nevada

Boo for Rye Reflections closing shop! You'll be missed. Best wishes to all.
Lynn Rockwell, Chester, New Hampshire

I have just read that after September, Rye Reflections will no longer be in existence. I am indeed saddened by this.

My husband and I enjoyed a trip to Rye, renting a cozy little cottage for three summers. It will always hold special memories for me as my husband has since passed away and I have so enjoyed reading this publication online helping to keep those memories alive.
Carolyn Hasenbalg, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Oh, I am so disappointed the see Rye Reflections go. I love the articles and especially the photography. Will wait for the reason. What a wonderful job you have all done. Thanks.
Barbara Caswell, Rye, New Hampshire

I was late to Rye Reflections but enjoyed reading the feisty frothinesses of you and your colleagues. It will be missed by many. P.S. I also spent much time at Hampton Beach and the Casino.
George Allen, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Thank you for a wonderful five years. I hope you are proud of everything you have done; you have opened up and shared a part of yourselves with your readers through words and pictures, and it's been great fun getting to know you. I have truly enjoyed each and every edition (yes, I have seen/read them all!), and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

I have to admit I'm trying to come up with a great surf analogy to tie this up, and all I can say is "that was a killer ride". (Okay, maybe one of your editors can come up with something better.)

Best wishes.
Susan Wilson, Hanson, Massachusetts and Rye, New Hampshire

Thank you for all the beautiful photos and articles over the years. They say all good things much come to an end, but look at the memories you have given to so many.

All best wishes for many happy years for each of you.
Norma Perry Allen, Henderson, North Carolina

I am saddened that Rye Reflections is going out of business. While I resigned almost a year ago, I did so for my health. I had hoped that the year would come that I could rejoin. I guess there will be no Rye Reflections to rejoin.

Bill Warren, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I am sending this from Santa Barbara, California.  Bll Veazey is my brother-in-law and has put me on your mailing list.  For the past several years I have enjoyed pictures, humor,  news and opinions.  It's great to read news from the other side of the country, perhaps it adds a bit of balance and reminds this Californian that there is another side. Thanks for the fun and good luck to all of you in whatever new ventures you may pursue.

Ellie Starfas, Santa Barbara, California

I am so sad that you will be giving up New Castle Saltines.  I have enjoyed keeping up with New Castle in the past years since we left (reluctantly in 2003). The photography is breathtaking. I am going to miss you. I will tell you that your photography has inspired both of us. Your recordings of the goings on in New Castle have helped ease the pain of leaving. It had been my home (even when I traveled the world as an Army wife) since 1960 and giving it up was the most difficult thing.

Thank you for the many issues you have done.
Linda Harville, Annapolis, Maryland

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On "You collect what? Slide Rules! (June 2010) "

This is to follow-up to my article on collecting slide rules and other objects in the June issue.

The Boston Globe recently reported on a Massachusetts retiree who collected over 5,200 thermometers, many used as promotional items!

What happens to the collection? Well, he sold it to Joel Myers, president of Accuweather, located in State College, Pennsylvania, next to Penn State University. Myers already has a large collection of barometers. Myers is reported to be talking with Penn State as a potential permanent home.
Jim Cerny, Rye Reflections writer/editor

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September, 2010